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Lab Press

Product Program

Lab press for:  Laboratory - Laminate/ Prelamination mfg
Press Type: Upstroke
Daylight opening: 100 mm
Pressing area: 400 x 400 mm (Customised as per customer requirement)
Specific pressure: 121 kg/cm2 (Customised as per customer requirement)
Heating / Cooling: Hot Water / Cold Water


  • Timer for Heating & cooling with visual indications; manual valves to be operated on audio visual alarm for switching from heating to cooling
  • Temperature indicator cum controller for top and bottom heating plates two set points
  • Electronic transducer for hydraulic Line pressure
  • Auto / manual cycle selection through selector switch on panel
  • All operations possible through manually operated push buttons


  • Display of all parameters set & actual on touch screen
  • Precision setting of all parameters through touch screen
  • Extremely compact Press mounted Hydraulic Power Pack. Skid mounted equipment
  • The press is fully wired up and ready to start except heating cooling connection
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