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Door Press

Product Program

Door press for:  1. Flush Door
2. Block Board
3. Veneer Faced Door
4. Partitions
Scope of Supply:

* Multi-opening Hydraulic Press

* Hydraulic Power Pack

* Heating Circuit

Press Type: Upstroke
Daylight opening: 100 mm
Operating temperature: upto 150 0C

Features & Benifits

  • In-built Electrically Heated Thermic Fluid System; no need of separate boiler
  • Pressing tonnage customized
  • Specially designed bolster for uniform distribution of pressure
  • Completely sealed and proven hydraulics 2 stage pumping for fast approach and final pressing
  • Auto and manual control for the pressing cycle
  • Access into the press for easy handling of board from length
  • The press will be assembled with heating system, piping controls and tested before dispatchEfficient heat transfer
  • Ready to use with complete heat and electrical connections
  • Saving of unwanted heat losses due to external and internal piping from boiler to press
  • Easy portability of press & Better utilization of factory space
  • Better manpower utilization; Increase production; boost profitability


  • Finish Sizes 7x3, 7x2.5, 8x4, 10x4 (customized)
  • Daylight Single/ Multiple (customized)
  • Loading-Unloading Lifting Tables
  • Plant Process Automation
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